12 things you can do during Lockdown

by Jun 30, 2021Survival


Lockdown is a very common word these days.  A couple of COVID-19 cases and the whole area goes into lockdown to reduce the spread of the disease. 

 Here are 12 things you can do during lockdown.

  1.  Spring Clean
  2. Clean out your wardrobe
  3. Clean out the filing cabinet
  4. Work from home
  5. Exercise at home
  6. Study a short course
  7. Take up an art or craft
  8. Puzzles, games
  9. Movie marathon
  10. Gardening
  11. Learn to cook
  12. Minor projects and repairs

 Sure, each area has some exceptions to staying at home for example –

  •  To go to work if you can’t work from home
  • To shop for essential supplies
  • To exercise outdoors
  • To attend medical testing or vaccinations.

 I would keep these outings to a minimum when COVID is in your neighbour as there are those who are Positive and still go out into the community spreading it whether they know it or not. 

 So, it is safer to stay close to home.  But what can you do at home to save your sanity?   Think of all those jobs you keep putting off because you don’t have the time to complete them.  Well in lockdown you have lots of time.

 Now I’m not suggesting you spend all your time on one thing but break it up to have variety.  Time will go quicker and you will have achieved something productive in the process.

Still looking for things to do?  Have you got a family disaster plan yet?  No, your not the only one.  I have created a workbook to assist families create their own disaster plan to minimise stress and help the whole family get through the next disaster.  You can purchase the Disaster Plan Workbook for Families” here.  Thank you.

 Spring clean

Spring Clean might seem like a dirty word as you look around the house and get overwhelmed.  But if you break the jobs down into smaller tasks and focus on one at a time it will be easier.   Don’t go all work and no play, it will tire you out.  Do a few tasks a day and then have a break.

 Rubbish – Start by running around with a garbage bag to get rid of any rubbish.

Tidy up – put books, dishes, and other items back where they belong.

Washing – collect the dirty clothes, cushion covers, sheets, curtains etc

Wipe down all horizontal surfaces as you tidy

Vacuum – it’s easy to run a vacuum cleaner over everything (not just the floor) in the room.  Cobwebs, ledges, walls, floors, filters etc.

Clean windows

Clean out the car inside and out

Wash the dog

Anything else that needs cleaning





Emergency Kit

Clean out your wardrobe

Have cupboards full of clothes but you only wear a quarter of them.  They are too big, too small, ugly, fashionable in 1990 or don’t suit you.  It’s time to go through your wardrobe and drawers and sort your clothes into the following –

  • Good clothes you wear regularly (go back in the cupboard)
  • Good but you don’t want them (give away family, friends, charity)
  • Old (use for rags, give away or throw out)
  • Good, you want them but you need to lose weight or they are out of season (box up in storage).
  • Your clothes from your teenage years 30 years ago.  (Charity, rags or fashion museum).

If you have too many clothes store them in your bug out location in case of a disaster.  And if they smell musty or are covered in cobwebs give them a wash before putting them away.


Clean out your filing cabinet

Another job we don’t usually think about, we just keep opening the draw and putting in more papers.  Research how long you are to keep some paperwork for legal and tax purposes.

 Some files to get rid of-

  • Old manuals for appliances you no longer own.
  • Old files that no longer have importance.

 Look at keeping files about –

  • Tax, and legal matters
  • Medical reports, X-rays, tests results
  • Buying and selling of vehicles, properties, investments
  • Personal documents, birth certificates, qualifications, passport

 To protect your privacy, shred your documents before putting them in the recycling.  If you have a lot of shredding you could give it to the local animal shelter or someone with chickens for bedding.

Work at home

If you have the option you could work from home limiting your exposure to the general public.  Set up a desk in a corner so you can work without distractions. 

 And if you don’t have employment you could look into starting an online business and work from home.   There are a lot of options for online businesses depending on your knowledge, skills and passion.



Exercise at home

We may be allowed out to exercise outdoors.  But I have seen the parks crowded with people jogging in the evening.  Why expose yourself to the crowds?  You could exercise at home with a home gym, Wii fit style video games or You Tube some new exercise, yoga, dance etc.

 Or put all that energy into spring cleaning and cleaning up the yard.  Physical labour burns more calories (because you spend more than 30 minutes doing it) and uses different muscles to standard exercise.

Study a short course

The internet is full of short courses (free and for a small fee).  Learn a new skill, language, craft, learn to write a book, how to give yourself a makeover and more. 

 Think about skills you are lacking and aim to improve them.  Work on being more self-sufficient if something was to go wrong and you had to deal with it yourself.

Take up arts and crafts

There are thousands of YouTube videos on how to paint, draw, make crafts, resin work, acrylic pours, etc.  You may not be able to get out to buy materials so you can either work with what you have or order materials online if lockdown is going to be a while.  You can improvise with a biro and a notebook while your learning and buy the better items after lockdown if you are interested.

 If you have kids at home, some arts and crafts could be a way of distracting them and having some family time.  As part of the fun, teach them some new skills (drawing, colour wheel, paper folding, weaving, hand sewing). 


Puzzles and games

If art is not your thing, there are puzzles, board games, computer games, write a novel, read books and more.   Dig into your emergency kit and get out the puzzles and card packs.

Time passes quickly when you’re totally focused on a big jigsaw puzzle, a good book or trying to beat a troll in a mystical land.

Movie marathon

Have a movie-a-thon, dig out the DVD sets, or online movies.  There are many movie series out there from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, Johnny English, Fast n Furious, James Bond, complete TV series and many more.

 I’m not suggesting you sit in front of the TV for 14 days but use this as variety after you have done something practical.


The garden needs some cleaning from time to time.  Season to season plants die, get overgrown or need replanting.  Getting outdoors in your garden gives you some fresh air, sunshine (Vitamin D) and a change from being locked up indoors.

 You could combine some tasks such as read a book in the garden or have a picnic in the back yard. 



Learn to cook

Don’t know how to cook, you could get on YouTube and have lessons to improve your skills.  We have probably seen over the last few years that going out for dinner every night may not be an option with lockdown.  Fresh home-cooked food is tastier and you know what’s in it.

 You know how to cook, and you are in lockdown with the family.  Distract the little kids by including them in some cooking of cakes, cookies etc.  It will teach them some skills and they will have something to eat while they run around the house.

Minor projects and repairs

Have you bought a flat pack cupboard and it’s still in the box in the garage?  There’s the bedroom you haven’t finished painting or the door hinge needs tightening, there is always something to do around the house.

Don’t attempt electrical or plumbing projects as it’s illegal and dangerous.  Leave those jobs for the professional tradesman.

 If your home is perfect, rearrange the furniture to create a new look.


You are in an area under lockdown because of a COVID outbreak.  You have 2 options you can get grumpy and whine because you can’t go to the movies or you can put your spare time into something productive.

 While you may have some options for leaving your home, try to minimise public contact where possible.  This will prevent you from getting sick, prevent you from spreading the virus to your family and friends and reduce the demand on our medical systems when everyone gets sick.

 Stay safe and have fun, you are in control of your happiness.



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