I’m constantly creating new e-books, online courses, checklists and similar products to assist you with your problems around disaster prep, survival and self-sufficiency. 

If you have any questions or topics you would like me to create material for please email me

I hope you find the content beneficial.  If you have any constructive feedback or would like to leave a testimonial please email me on the above email address.  Thank you.


Growing vegetables in pots course

Learn how you can grow delicious fresh produce at home in pots with this online course. 

Disaster Planning Workbook 

A workbook to help you create a disaster plan for your family to see your through emergency situations.

How to improve your soil e-book

Learn how to identify and improve problematic soils organically.                     

Preparing your home for Storm Season Free Checklist

A FREE checklist to help you prepare your property for the storm season.

7 Emergency Kits Free Checklist

Free checklists covering Basic kit, Evacuation kits, Household kit, Vehicle and Infection control kits

Vehicle preparation Guide and checklist

Free guide and checklist to help you check and prepare for road trips. Includes city and rural checks.


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